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Teaming + Innovation + Strategy + Culture + Change

Consultants // Facilitators // Keynote Speakers

We create shifts…

…through layered processes

enabling you to tackle business issues  while developing  a high performing team.

…with rigour

to challenge the status quo and open up new perspectives.

… resulting in systemic awareness

equipping you to face tomorrow’s challenges.


creating intelligent teams
that can access their capabilities for top performance

that embraces the challenges
and possibilities of a dynamic, complex future

Innovation capacity
building and including innovation
in the organisational DNA on a continous basis

intelligent strategies
dynamic and holistic strategy processes harnessing organizational potential and resources

Change agility
building capacity to navigate continuous change

Culture competence
develop crucial and cutting edge understanding to successful collaboration across cultures

about us

Ina Baum is one of the world`s foremost intercultural specialist. Her broad experience includes management positions outside of her native Germany, spanning marketing positions in multinational corporations from Mexico to Hong Kong. Combining hands-on management knowledge with intercultural competence has been a main driver for Ina, always looking for the optimal intercultural team performance. A management consultant since 1995, Ina has travelled and worked in more than 45 countries. Through her work with a cross-section of industries Ina is known for her expertise in the field of intercultural leadership competence, internationalization strategies and the development of executive high performance teams. Ina speaks fluent German, English and French.

Said about Ina: „Ina is an outstanding consultant with a very solid business background and a very strong commercial sense. She knows how to quickly analyze very complex situations and how to translate even soft issues into a plain business context. Ina is very dedicated and always a great resource“.

Anne Rød, BA, MA, MCC is Europe`s leading specialist on Systems Inspired Leadership. The author of three books and articles on change, cultural collaboration and team effectiveness, Anne travels extensively to offer team development in different cultures. A very experienced facilitator, her main niche is leadership- and team development, change and culture. Anne has worked in positions of international leadership and communication within a range of sectors . A Norwegian by birth, Anne speaks fluent English and Scandinavian, accesses French, German and Spanish. Anne is presently undertaking a doctorate on change processes in teams and organization in the UK.

Said about Anne: „From the moment you meet Anne, you’ll never forget her. And that is before you start working with her. Anne is personable, quickly understands and assesses the situation or problem, constantly adjust her program or approach depending on the feedback. She is great to work with, she provides learning experiences for her participants and has a vast toolbox everyone will enjoy using in the process of achieving results“.



Oslo, Norway

+47. 91 18 60 65


Cologne, Germany

+49. 172 24 60 686



Creating intelligent teams

leading with relationship systems intelligence



systeminspirert ledelse i praksis